Inappropriate Response

Dave Killion — August 8, 2011

Could that be a South Korean covered by a cloth? Lock down the campus!

Last week, the Colorado State University campus was locked down for five hours when three girls attending an academic camp reported seeing a man holding an object that looked like a gun covered by a cloth –

“The 9:09 a.m. report to police triggered a campuswide alert 28 minutes later. It went out on the university’s website, Twitter feed, Facebook page and e-mail and to 45,000 subscribers on the school’s text-messaging notification system. Sirens sounded, and 600 digital bulletin boards in classrooms displayed the alert, which instructed students and employees to stay inside and lock their doors.”

Just kidding! This would never happen at CSU, because at CSU the students are allowed to carry concealed firearms on campus! Just like at Pikes Peak Community College, Pueblo Community College, Red Rocks Community College, a bunch of other Colorado Community Colleges, not to mention every single post-secondary public school in the great state of Utah. There is no gunman so crazed that he would attack any of those places, and no citizen there who would panic at the sight of someone with a firearm. No sir, if you want to spend five hours locked helpless and terrified in a classroom while staying hunched close to the ground and avoiding the windows because someone was seen carrying something that might have been a gun, you have to go to a place like Virginia Tech.

And another thing; 28 minutes? In the original Va. Tech massacre, Seung-Hui Cho killed 30 people in 10 minutes! The end result of this expensive and traumatizing response? Futility!

“Police did not find anyone who met the children’s description and ended the lockdown around 3 p.m.”

I can’t imagine how anyone at Va. Tech can feel good about this.

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