Youth Hostile

Dave Killion — August 9, 2011

The Victoria Libertarian Book Club recently read Hans-Hermann Hoppe’s “Democracy: The God That Failed“, which is a fine and interesting book in which Hoppe discusses (amongst many other things) the manner in which the welfare state de-civilizes society. I have heard this argument from many different sources, and it seems to me to be irrefutable. In a society where people no longer have to rely on friends, family, or the local community to aid them in times of trouble, but may instead turn to an agent which does not know them, does not truly care about them, spends resources that have been taken from others, does little or no means testing, and demands very little in the way of self-help or planning on the part of the recipient… well, it is to be expected that many of those people will continue in those behaviours which have caused them to find trouble, and will never develop the self-restraint ¬†they would have otherwise had they been left to rely on the good will and limited resources of those with whom they are more intimately acquainted.

And if anyone doubts this is true, then I ask that they explain the behaviour of the English rioters, of whom a small but telling example can be seen here –


Antony says

Another big problem is that the state has a monopoly on the provision of security services.

As with most state-run monopolies, it provides mediocre service since the police have little incentive to respond to the needs of the consumers (those who need protection), but instead are more attuned to bureaucratic and political motives.

The people are not allowed to defend themselves and their property, and are thus forced to become victims to the thugs.

— August 10, 2011

David says

This video made my blood boil. I would love to see some vigilante justice in London right about now because cops are doing a piss poor job.

— August 10, 2011

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