Freely trading in duplicity

Dave Killion — August 11, 2011

Here is a letter to the Globe and Mail

In your article “Stephen Harper defends free-trade deal with Columbia” (Aug. 10), the Prime Minister decries protectionism as a barrier to progress in both human rights and economic growth, and amen to that! Unfortunately, the PM’s defence of the free-trade deal suggests that his commitment to anti-protectionism is insincere. Free trade is, after all, the natural order of things, whereas so-called free-trade deals serve only to codify the manner in which trade will be restricted. True, Canadians cannot force the government of any other country to trade freely with us, but there is nothing other than corporate and political self-interest to prevent our elected officials from eliminating any and all trade barriers put up by OUR government. Of course the costs of doing so would be concentrated in a few businesses, while the benefits would be spread far and wide amongst consumers and the remaining businesses, so politicians will alternately free up or restrict trade as benefits their electoral interests. Let’s not be deceived by their rhetoric.

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