Dave Killion — August 18, 2011

You know what would make a good shield? Some pants!

I have been watching ‘Spartacus: Blood and Sand‘, and it’s very entertaining for those who, like me, enjoy sword-and-sandals dramas. Over-the-top comic-book violence, nudity (full frontal, male and female), romance, political scheming, slave revolts… what more could you ask for?

Historical accuracy, you say? Well, I have to admit, I have my concerns in that department. I imagine the care and training of a gladiator is an expensive proposition, yet every battle between them is to the death, and when they train they inflict what I think a slave owner would consider an expensive and unprofitable amount of damage on each other. On the other hand, (SPOILER ALERT) after watching a battle between two gladiators which has been put on for his coming-of-age celebration, a magistrate’s son orders the victor to dispatch the loser despite the battle having been merely a demonstration. When discussing the incident sometime later, the magistrate says,

“He calls for bloodshed without hesitation. Such boldness will one day lead him to the Senate.”

I imagine that’s as historically accurate as one could expect.

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