Saving consumers from saving money

Dave Killion — August 25, 2011

It's true! Some Americans DO need to be protected from cheap Canadian lumber!

The US government is working hard to protect its citizens bestow favours on one group of voters at the expense of others

“The United States is seeking a $499-million penalty against Interior British Columbia lumber companies US consumers of Canadian lumber in a complaint filed under the Softwood Lumber Agreement.”

What have these consumers done to warrant such a massive penalty? They have purchased goods at lower prices –

“When those producers and exporters then sell lumber made from the cheaply-purchased timber, they recover substantially more money than they could have had pass much of those savings onto customers,” the USTR states in its 93-page complaint. “By its actions, B.C. has provided its lumber industry US consumers, including manufacturers with benefits approaching $500 million.”

If a foreign government was trying something like this against Americans it would be considered an act of war, but so long as it’s being done by elected officials and their appointees, then it’s no problem.

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