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Dave Killion — August 27, 2011

Nothing's guaranteed to start a conversation with your fellow bus riders like reading a book with a swastika!

The Victoria Libertarian Book Club has begun reading “They Thought They Were Free: The Germans, 1933-45”, in which author Milton Mayer interviews (and over time befriends) ten ordinary, everyday German men in order to examine how they and people like them were drawn into the Nazi machine.

The reviews at Amazon.com have been overwhelmingly positive, and the book is purported to be unsettling in its demonstration that under the right conditions, such atrocities are conceivable amongst almost any culture. I found that our public library has a copy, and the local university has two, so if you would like to read along with us you may not even have to buy a copy. By whatever means you get the book, I hope you will visit our Facebook page and share your thoughts.

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