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Dave Killion — August 29, 2011

Click on photo to see Macleans' photo gallery of the Layton funeral

Readers from the USA may not be aware that Jack Layton, leader of the New Democrat Party, passed away recently. Canadian news media spoke of very little else until Hurricane Irene threatened to end all that was good and holy in this world, and have broadcast every little bit of grief that could possibly be wrung from Layton’s death. Worse still, flags have been ordered flown at half-mast and taxpayers have had to cough up dough for a state funeral. My annoyance is not with Layton, in particular, but with this wailing and gnashing of teeth, as if we had lost a great hero instead of just another politician who found fame and fortune encouraging people to join with him in sufficient numbers to force others to live their lives as his particular mob thought best.

I shall be very interested to see the extent to which we mourn the passing of a truly great man such as Steve Jobs, who has made life so much richer and so much better for countless of millions. But I hope even more that that day is a long time coming.


Missy says

Me too! I heard he stepped down recently, you know that’s not a good sign ;-(

— August 29, 2011

Shauna says

Much wailing and gnashing… which shouldn’t last longer than the next news cycle…
You’re right to say that it’s certainly not for us to be angry for Mr. Layton (rest in peace) for succumbing to a natural disease process. It’s the vitriol directed at anyone who maintains that this uber-politician was a mere mortal that I cannot fathom. You should send a note of support to Christie Blatchford for her very public (and more articulate!) apostasy in the National Post.

— August 29, 2011

David says

Well said Dave.

— September 1, 2011

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