Not exactly a paragon of virtue

Dave Killion — August 31, 2011

Here’s a letter to the Victoria News

I was very surprised to see a representative of the Victoria (Quaker) Friends write to endorse your publication of David Suzuki (Suzuki columns appreciated by group, Aug 26). It has been my understanding that the Religious Society of Friends included love and peace amongst their principle values, but either I am mistaken or it has escaped the attention of this particular group that Suzuki is a persistent advocate of coercive government regulation backed by the threat of violence against those who disagree with him concerning either the level or nature of threats to the environment, or his proposed solutions to those threats. He seems to me undeserving of admiration from such a worthy group.


David says

The Quakers are most definitely a peace church and good on them for they find themselves among Christians who are constantly trying to give legitimacy to war. The world needs more Quakers and Mennonites to live the gospel.

— September 1, 2011

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