Pucker up and blow

Dave Killion — September 2, 2011

Here is a letter to the Ottawa Citizen –

As part of their response to the brutal murder and immolation of CEGEP student Valérie Leblanc (Gatineau police release description of possible witness in slaying of CEGEP student, Sep 1), Gatineau police are warning women  to let someone know where they are going, to carry a whistle and a cellphone, and to beware walking alone.

Good advice, and sure to be needed! Wanna-be muggers, rapists, and killers must surely be encouraged by this latest event, not only because of the inability of the police to prevent such crimes, but also the possibility that the perpetrator may not even be brought to justice. Mind you, the best thing a woman could do to prepare against such eventualities would be to acquire a firearm, become proficient in its use, and carry it with her. Unfortunately, ladies, Canada is too advanced and civilized a country to permit such a practice, so if some bad man catches you alone in a dark place, you don’t want to be without your whistle!

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