Selective outrage

Dave Killion — September 6, 2011

There are a lot of people unhappy that former BC Premier Gordon Campbell has been awarded the Order of British Columbia, including local columnist Jody Paterson

“How sad that theĀ Order of B.C. has been revealed to be politically influenced. The awards body has done an exceptional job at keeping itself above the political fray, but has clearly thrown that all away with this latest round of nominations, which honour a strangely predictable list of clubby B.C. Liberals and hangers-on including Gordon Campbell, Ken Dobell and David Emerson.”

It is, indeed, very sad when honours are subject to political influence, and I personally don’t care to see a politician win an award for anything. Still, when I search Paterson’s blog for reference to US President Obama receiving the Nobel Peace Prize, I find nothing, and that suggests to me that Paterson is only upset about partisan meddling when the win goes to someone from the other team.

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