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Dave Killion — September 13, 2011

Cable ties and face shields? Aisle 17, sir.

The Vancouver Police Department has provided a review of the Stanley Cup riot, and finds that they did all they could

The VPD review largely echoes a provincial report in concluding the Vancouver force had no advance warning a riot was imminent and that no plausible number of deployed officers could have prevented it.”

No advance warning? Surely the Vancouver Stanley Cup riot of 1994 must have raised at least one little red flag!

The VPD said ending the current patchwork quilt of municipal and RCMP forces would improve communication, standardize policy and practices, improve resource use, boost investigative and patrol capacities, reduce service duplication and end competition between forces for recruits and other skilled personnel.

How predictable. When a government monopoly fails, the government response is always to call for more money and more power. That’s the kind of loser talk I wrote about just the other day. But just like the police have to deal with riots, retailers have to deal with tornadoes… or hurricanes… or floods…

“… many big retailers like Home Depot, Lowes and Wal-Mart have assembled disaster teams. “Preparing for a hurricane is all about the supply chain. Making sure you got the right products at the right time that consumers are looking for,” said Sherif Mityas, a partner in the retail practice at A.T. Kearney. “They’re wired into how the storm is affecting the communities around the stores.”

Wal-Mart Stores Inc., the world’s largest retailer, has its own staff meteorologist, who can evaluate the weather data and analyze how it will impact its stores and workers. The discounter also can forecast what shoppers are looking for before a hurricane strikes – and in its aftermath – by using predictive modeling that studies past spending behavior.”

Take note, Vancouver PD. You won’t ever hear Wal-Mart saying they need regional control over every other retailer in order to prepare for disasters. Maybe we should start looking for police services from someone other than government.


BH says

The answer is seasteading. Governments need competition, just like businesses:

— September 13, 2011

David C says

BH: Agreed. Or a castle in the sky or commune on the moon:

— September 15, 2011

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