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Dave Killion — September 14, 2011

Well, I did tell Grandma she should get some guns...

What is a woman to do when her husband is being beaten by her daughter’s violent boyfriend? Here’s an idea –

“Seeking help following an assault at the hands of her boyfriend, a woman phoned her parents. They quickly picked her up and brought her to their home, calmed their terrified daughter and she went to sleep. Then a banging at the door arose—the boyfriend had found her hiding place. The parents would not answer, so the suspect kicked in the door and began assaulting them. The mother was able to struggle free and ran to the bedroom to get her pistol. Meanwhile, the suspect turned his attention to the father. The mother returned to find the suspect badly beating her husband. She opened fire, killing 
the suspect.”(Link)

People in general, and Canadians in particular, do not have a sufficient appreciation of the amount of crime prevented by law-abiding owners. Help them overcome their ignorance by pointing them to The Armed CitizenBlog


David C says

From time to time it is healthy for grandmothers to sway back and forth in their rocking chairs with 12 gauge double barreled shotguns lying across their laps ready to bring justice. Shotgun Wielding Grannies <– would be a good name for a movie.

As much as I espouse non-violence if ANYONE is to be bringing justice it is the grannies in the world, not the coercive, vile and repugnant criminal organisation we call the State.

— September 15, 2011

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