Well, maybe if the guy was named Wolf…

Dave Killion — September 15, 2011

At the last Republican debate in Tampa, Florida, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer created a hypothetical 30-year-old man who can afford health insurance but declines to buy it. ┬áJust say, hypothetically speaking, that this hypothetical man hypothetically becomes ill and requires six months of intensive hypothetical care. What, asks Blitzer of Congressman Ron Paul, should be done?


As you see, Paul talks about responsibility, consequences, and charity, which somehow makes Blitzer wonder if the Congessman is “saying society should just let him die?”

The problem here is that Blitzer doesn’t realize that government and society are not the same thing, so in his mind, if you say you don’t want government to help this hypothetical victim then you are saying you don’t want anyone to help. But what Paul has been saying is that the government should just leave the man to society, and as far as libertarians are concerned, he’s absolutely right.

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