Why aren’t you people panicking?

Dave Killion — September 18, 2011

Apparently you can walk across Victoria, BC like this... so long as you don't mean any harm.

A Victoria man had a fight with his roommate and left for a friend’s house across town. Not wanting to leave his firearms behind, he made the trip with three rifles slung over his shoulder. Police are concerned that no one was worried enough to call them

The method of transportation was “bad judgment,” said Const. Mike Russell, but charges won’t be laid because police don’t think the 46-year-old man meant to harm anyone.

People seeking to transport registered firearms should call police to request the necessary papers.

This sounded a little fishy to me because I am a firearms owner, so I know a little bit about the regulations concerning their transportation, and I am a libertarian, so I know a little about the police and what motivates them. And what I know is that (1) you don’t need any special papers from the police to transport rifles other than the license you need to possess and acquire them and (2) the police lay charges against lots and lots of people who do things not meaning to harm anyone (like smoking pot). So I took a look at the regulations concerning the transportation of non-restricted firearms, and I don’t see anything that bars a person from physically transporting an unloaded, non-restricted firearm on foot. I suppose they could lay some kind of catch-all charge like ‘disturbing the peace’ or ‘creating a nuisance’, but that might create an outcome unfavourable to the police.

It is well known in the firearms community that most police chiefs strongly favour gun control, and I think their desire to present firearms ownership as being dangerous and fraught with criminal implications has much more to do with not charging this apparently law-abiding citizen than the intentions of the citizen did.


Ashley Johnston says

Unloaded rifle parade, anyone?

— September 19, 2011

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