Blanket beach bans

Dave Killion — September 19, 2011

Some of the proposals for keeping non-residents from using the beach seem a little extreme.

As far as some municipal taxpayers are concerned, a local beach is proving just a little too popular

“A group of Lions Bay residents wants its village council to look into excluding outsiders from Lions Bay Beach Park, a popular local beach.

The village council will meet Monday to discuss the formation of a “Concerned Residents Task Force” after a group of 20 or so residents voiced their displeasure to council.”

The illegal parking, overflowing garbage containers, strained septic field, and insufficient policing of bad behaviour that has riled up the complainants are all perfectly predictable consequences of management by government agencies that simply do not have the knowledge or incentives to manage common resources optimally. As the article points out, restricting the beach to local residents is a legal impossibility. The best solution? Privatize the beach and let those who use it pay directly for its upkeep. Whatever the result, it has to be better than pitting neighbour against neighbour.


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