Alright everybody, out of the pool.

Dave Killion — September 20, 2011

Sea-World's attempts to replace its Shamu show have met with mixed success.

I think there are a bunch of people who would like to abandon everything and just travel the world, and another bunch of people who would like to start their own businesses. There are smaller groups, like those who would like to run a marathon. And there are groups that are smaller still, each with its own unique aspirations. But no matter who you are, no matter how small your dream is, you can rest assured that your government is working hard to crush it

“Lawyers for the U.S. federal government said Monday that SeaWorld animal trainers cannot safely work in close contact with killer whales, as they opened what is expected to be a week-long legal hearing before an administrative law judge that could determine the future of SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment’s worldfamous Shamu shows.”

We are somehow to believe that the few people with the training, courage, experience, talent, fitness, and determination to work with orcas must be prevented from voluntarily risking their lives in the performance of their jobs, but just about anyone with a pulse is perfectly capable of evaluating the physical and spiritual dangers of enlisting to serve the state in one of its countless foreign adventures. Give me a break!

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