Homemade resistance

Dave Killion — September 27, 2011

I have posted previously about government-busting technologies such as Bitcoin and mobile-phone apps, and to this list I think we can add open-source 3D printing. One user at Thingiverse has posted details for printing a magazine for an AR-15 rifle, and another has done the same for a lower receiver.

Judging by the comments at the blog for Make magazine, there is nothing illegal about the manufacture of these items for personal use, and apparently there are lots of folks in the US who save money by ordering kits and parts from which they craft their own firearms. I am only passing familiar with Canadian gun laws, but I know enough to be sure the regulatory environment is more restrictive here. In any case, as the price and quality of  equipment for home-based manufacturing improves, the risk and difficulty of acquiring heavily-regulated goods will fall to the point that enforcing bans will be impossible. So take hope. The market is working hard to cut away the ever-increasing chains of coercive government, and we might still come out on top.


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