Beauties With Ballistics

Dave Killion — October 5, 2011

Outstanding in her field

When I became a firearms owner not too long ago, it became part of my regular interaction with people to ask if they shoot. I have been amazed at how many more firearms owners there are than I thought, and it has been a real challenge communicating just how diverse the group is. Well, photographer Lindsay McCrum may have made my job much easier with her book, “Chicks With Guns” –

“I own a gold .50-cal Desert Eagle with tiger stripes, one of the largest, most powerful pistols out there,” a Minnesota resident named Theresa writes in her caption in the book. “Any girl would understand when I explain it was something I saw and HAD TO HAVE. Some women experience that feeling with clothes, some with jewelry. For me it was with a large firearm.”

There is a terrific slideshow of some photos from the book. Just click on the link above.

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