Why make the government take it by force?

Dave Killion — October 11, 2011

Couldn't you just send them a cheque?



















A poll by the Pew Research Center finds 9 out of 10 Americans consider themselves middle class. This young lady aside, if you’re posing with one of these signs, you’re actually about 10% of the 99%. But I guess writing ‘I am the 9%’ would make you sound less like a victim of someone other than yourself.


Missy says

I know, right? The one thing poor people don’t have is money, give it to me lady!

— October 11, 2011

Ashley Johnston says

The lady in the pic has many options about who she could write a cheque to. Either the government or the United Way, or she could throw money in the streets. It *is* weird that she seems to want to be threatened with violence. But there are such people out there. The real part I object to is that she is inviting violence on others.

— October 12, 2011

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