Voting with their feet

Dave Killion — October 14, 2011

Just in case you need directions.

Carpe Diem brings to our attention this article from the Globe and Mail. Here’s a sample –

Canada’s stronger economy is becoming a magnet for Americans hunting for work.

In a reversal of historical flows, immigration lawyers report a surge of calls from Americans who want to move north. Statistics bear out their observations: A record number of Americans applied for temporary work visas last year, Immigration Canada statistics show, spurred largely by the contrasting health of the two countries’ labour markets.

The last time I looked at the stats, Canadians migrated to the US at ten times the rate Yankees moved to Canada. Adjust for the population, and the ration was more like 100 to 1. So although I’m sure there are more Americans than ever coming north, I doubt very seriously the historical flows have reversed.

Also, I cannot help but notice that although a tremendous amount of media attention was given to Americans who swore after the re-election of George W. Bush that they were going to come pouring over the border, it wasn’t until Democrats controlled the White House that it actually happened.

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