Occupied elsewhere

Dave Killion — October 16, 2011

Saturday was the day many major Canadian cities were ‘occupied’, and Victoria was no exception. Saturday saw over 1,000 people gather and march, but that has trickled down to about 16 tents pitched in the town square. I’m not sure what impact this is going to have on Wall Street, but you never know.

Back east, the situation sounded similar. From our friends at Liberty PEI

“As I arrived, just behind schedule, a man was speaking about what it was like to live with AIDS on PEI. This was my introduction to the main theme of the afternoon, economic injustice. There were appeals to the vague ideas of corporate greed and poverty reduction/elimination and basic human rights. Some speakers were more focused on specifics like wasteful government spending (not unlike the Tea Party) on certainly Island and federal projects, and public housing. Still others got down to business about actions each person could take such as supporting local businesses and using cooperatives to take control of their own futures. And proportional representation made a cameo.”

If this movement hopes to have any impact, I think they are going to have to find a target somewhat less amorphous than big business, Wall Street, and Corporations.

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