Cross-border baloney

Dave Killion — October 18, 2011

Here’s a letter to the Toronto Sun –

The endorsement of free trade by International Trade Minister Ed Fast (Buy America will help Canadian Economy, Oct 18) is a welcome development. Too bad the government says one thing and does another! While decrying the harmful effects of trade barriers, Canada maintains a slew of tariffs, taxes, subsidies, and other regulations against foreign goods that leave us northern consumers no reasonable option but to ‘Buy Canada”. Let our elected hypocrites remove these hurdles (even unilaterally!) and not only will Canadians become more prosperous, but we will have far more credibility when lecturing other nations.



Ashley Johnston says

“even unilaterally”
So far as I can tell trade barriers may perform a political function, like boycotting China for human rights, but they serve no positive economic function.

— October 19, 2011

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