Say it, don’t spray it!

Dave Killion — October 24, 2011

Cheap, legal, and more debilitating than mace. Get some!









Here’s a clip of some Occupy Wall Street protestors being penned in, during which time some cop strides up and spray their faces with mace before marching away –

NYPD Officer Anthony Bologna claims he did not intend to spray the women, acted with the best intentions, cannot understand the hostile reaction to his conduct, and “would do it again“. NYPD took this all into consideration, and fined Tony Baloney $6000. It is a great comfort to me to know that if I pepper spray an NYPD officer without intending to, so long as I have the best intentions I won’t have to face anything worse than a $6000 fine. Because the law’s the same for us as it is for cops, right? Right?


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