A symbol with some relevance

Dave Killion — October 31, 2011

Plus, polar bears are frequently found sporting the national colours!

Here in the Great White North, it’s beavers vs.bears

“A Canadian senator has called for a national “emblem makeover” by replacing a vegetarian rodent that defends its territory with urine with the world’s largest walking carnivore that thrives in the cold.

Referring to the beaver as a “dentally defective rat,” Nicole Eaton called on Ottawa to replace the critter as the national emblem with the polar bear, an animal she hails as strong, majestic and brave.”

The beaver is respected for being peaceful and industrious, qualities long attributed to Canadians. However, the Senator may have a point. Given the recent willingness of Canadians to join with the imperialist US government in various foreign adventures, perhaps something a little more blood-thirsty would be in order.

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