Good ideas don’t have to be forced on people

Dave Killion — November 1, 2011

Over at Amalgamate Greater Victoria, James Legh continues to make the case for concentrating control over our several municipalities. His most recent post [Oct 9] concerns arts funding –

“Only eight of our 13 municipalities contribute to the CRD arts funding. Sooke, Langford, Colwood, Central Saanich and North Saanich do not. Apparently this is because they think their citizens do not use the arts which are focused mainly on the downtown.

What a crock. I have seen people who live in Sooke at many arts events. Remember, many even work in Victoria. Do they seriously think that their residents do not go to concerts or plays? Do none of them enjoy the Symphony?”

Local governments that spend money on arts funding have to choose between higher property taxes, or providing less funding for things like schools, roads, and policing. Those local governments that make the right choices are rewarded, and the others suffer the consequences. Legh is obviously unaware that what he thinks is a liability is actually a benefit. More local governments equals more freedom.


Ashley Johnston says

Here too there is talk about a ‘Maritime Union’ that seems to be getting some traction. But of course any talk about breaking up a province is an obvious non-starter.

— November 2, 2011

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