Dave Killion — November 5, 2011

The Huffington Post writes about the unanimous ‘yes’ vote by Riverside County supervisors in favour of forcing inmates to pay for their time in jail –

Supervisor Stone told the Huffington Post, “Inmates will be charged $140 for each day in jail and for drug testing, medical care and parol costs.” He explained that a defendent who uses a public defender will also be charged for the attorney fees if he is found to have equity, such as a property. “If the parolee does not have liquid funds to pay, the County will put a lien against the property to receive payment when the property is sold. The County will do the same on the parolee’s parents’ property if that’s the only way to get the money.”

Libertarians are very much in favour of restitution by convicted criminals, but there are right ways to do it and there are wrong ways to do it. It sounds to me like Riverside County is doing it the wrong way. Consider the last line of the quote. If the criminal comes from a broken home, and the father is long out of the picture, they’re going to take money away from the parent who stayed to look after the kid? Where’s the justice in that!

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