Wrong about rights

Dave Killion — November 9, 2011

On the other hand, I think this guy has a point.

Steps are being taken to remove “Occupy” protesters from public parks in Toronto, Victoria, Vancouver, London and Calgary. Where ever I find articles on this topic, I find commenters arguing against the legitimacy of these attempts on the grounds that Canadians have a right to protest. Libertarians know that this conveys a fundamental misunderstanding of rights. I have a right to free speech, but no one is obliged to provide me a printing press. I have a right to worship the god of my choice, but no one is obliged to provide me a church. And I have a right to protest, but no one is obliged to provide me a public park to use as a forum. ┬áSo pack up those tents, folks. You got no right!




G. says

I am of another opinion. If the property is considered ‘commons’, then everyone owns that property…. and no one (or everyone) has the right to initiate a forceful removal of someone else from that common… which leads us to a paradoxical situation where, in either case, the campers could stay in perpetuity.

— November 10, 2011

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