Can you hear me now?

Dave Killion — November 12, 2011

Government regulation - the reason you don't own anything this cool.

When it comes to their mobile carriers, Canadians get treated worse than an Occupy Oakland protester. Given that mobile phone service providers manage to thrive in even the most difficult circumstances, how can anyone take seriously arguments that competition must be managed by the state? And as to the benefits of competition, witness

“When it comes to mobile carriers, consumers may have four major choices (for now), but they’re all starting to look the same — and that isn’t a good thing. But a new provider, Republic Wireless, headquartered in North Carolina, is shaking things up with a rather unbelievable $19 a month no-contract plan. That’s $19 not just for unlimited calling and texting, but mobile data too.”

My goodness. Is this what the Canadian Feds are protecting us from? I think it’s past time mobile carrier service regulation was taken out of the inefficient and corrupt hands of the state, and handed over to the private sector.


Shirley says

You frightened me with that picture…then of course I noticed that you could call 911 immediately after the mayhem….good idea!

— November 12, 2011

Missy says

Oh daddy, always so glib!

— November 13, 2011

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