Club Meeting

Dave Killion — November 19, 2011

The Victoria Libertarian Book Club had its bi-weekly meetup a couple nights ago, where we discussed not only our current readings from The Driver, but also voting in the upcoming municipal elections. I have expressed my views on the matter previously, and although some in our group have indicated they will be voting for the lesser of evils, I personally advocate a different tack.

As to the reading, although I have found the book so enjoyable that I finished the whole thing in just a few days, I find little that has much of an impact when quoted out of context. Here is what we have from the latest portion –

“Naïve trust in the power of words to command reality is found in all mass delusions.”

“It is easier to believe than to think.”

I have added these gems to my notebook, and look forward to using them in the future. Take my word for it, though. “The Driver” in its entirety is a very enjoyable read.

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