The state confesses

Dave Killion — November 20, 2011

I'm gonna need a closer look at your buns.

Many people consider government regulation necessary to to protect consumers from foods that are unsafe because of insufficient sanitation, poor handling, mislabeling, and so on, but the fact is that in a free marketplace there is vigorous competition between suppliers to provide every consumer with goods that are not only safe and healthy but also priced to give desired value. Suppliers who fail to do so are crushed in both the market and in the courts. But don’t take my word for it! Just ask the Canadian Food Inspection Agency

“Most recalls in Canada are voluntary, which means that the recalls are initiated and carried out by the manufacturer, importer, distributor or retailer responsible. TheĀ CFIA works with the firm to ensure the effectiveness of the recall. However, in the event that a company is unable, or refuses, to voluntarily recall a product, the Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food has the power to order a mandatory recall for products that pose a health risk.”

Even the government acknowledges that it is really the market that protects us. And as to those items that are not voluntarily recalled despite the fact that the government declares they “pose a health risk”? What do you want to bet that those are products that are not actually dangerous, butĀ are subject to some popular hysteria that makes recalling them politically expedient?


Missy says

I make a point of always checking urban spoon and yelp for restaurant reviews. I also always post reviews of every restaurant I go to (and everything actually. I reviewed a post office once!). If a restaurant doesn’t have an online menu I almost never go and if I do I warn them that they need to get that sh*t online. THE PEOPLE WILL HAVE A VOICE!!1!

— December 12, 2011

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