Get a haircut, too!

Dave Killion — November 21, 2011

Down in the US, Republican-presidential-wannabe Newt Gingrich was recently bad-mouthing the Occupy Wall Street crowd by advising them to ‘take a bath’ and ‘get a job’. Over at Boingboing, Rob Beschizza takes exception

“… 2011 is not an age of plenty. There is little prosperity sloshing around, and no virtue to gain by condemning those of their generation who accept it. They want a cut, and they want to work. The kids are not dropping out. They have been excluded.”

Nope. Thanks to the boom resulting from fracking, McDonald’s is paying people $15 an hour to start… in North Dakota. And according to Mark Perry at Carpe Diem, there are labour shortages in the US and around the world. It’s a fact that none of these positions will allow workers to utilize the knowledge they gained while acquiring their degree in Icelandic Literature, but nobody with the self-discipline to endure a job that is tough and unpleasant will be excluded.

Beschizza’s post is typical of the poor commentary found at Boingboing, and I’ve decided to withdraw my earlier recommendation of the site. It turns out most of the stuff I had enjoyed there originated at Neatorama, so I’ve decided to boot the former and bookmark the latter. I suggest you do likewise.


Jason says

I think that most people grow up these days with over-inflated expectations and a total misunderstanding of what an economy even is. I don’t know whether to blame parents, teachers, self-help gurus, or all of them. Growing up I found there was this overriding concern with how special you were and doing what makes you happy. But this mentality seems to be leading to an entire generation of people who expect someone to hire them for the dream job or at least give them the comfortable office job they minimally deserve(out of some bizarre sense of entitlement) where they don’t have to work very hard. Having some economic sense I know I’m going to cash in and sell my labour to the highest bidder. And if the work is really arduous, maybe I’ll leave frugally and retire early.

— November 22, 2011

Missy says

15$ an hour? AND I wouldn’t have to work with children??/?

— December 12, 2011

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