I rest my case

Dave Killion — December 5, 2011

If there are any doubts in your mind concerning the superiority of the private sector over the public sector, consider the following –

Private sector, no cost to taxpayer… dogs on surfboards!


Public sector, tax-funded… shrimp on a treadmill?


No contest.


Missy says

Are you kidding me? I was watching dogs surfin in the mid oughts, I have NEVER seen a shrimp on a treadmill. Also, that is a huge shrimp!

— December 12, 2011

Barbara says

Appalling. Both of them. I see no information on the funding of the shrimp nonsense (IS it public?), but for those bothered by pharmaceutical corporations’ “research” check out Physicians’ Committee For Responsible Medicine (www.pcrm.org)

As for the surfing dogs, I see fear and confusion and wet, shirvering animals exploited by yahoo-owners short on empathy. I thought libertarians are against force and slavery, and for personal choice. I often watch dogs at our beach, they thrust balls and sticks at their people but I’ve never seen one ask to go on a surf board. However, once carried out there by a sling and placed on it what choice is there but to learn to balance and hope for the best? I note they all look back to their “owners” with a WTF?? expression of total disbelief. (Re. minute 3:13-3:14 – do they get to a vet after injuries? Re. 4:55 and 5:10 — pure terror is obvious).

I sure hope the ASPCA in California has lots of public and private funding – they’ve got work to do.

Animal Literature

— January 1, 2012

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