Libertarian Bill Still vs Republicans

Stu — December 6, 2011

Watch the whole thing, but look for Ron Paul @ 7:39
Still Report 32

Quoted from Nathan’s Economic Edge ( Bill produced an excellent video where he hits directly on target, right on the root issue of WHO it is that produces our money! Way to go, Bill!

He does an excellent job of calling out the illegal “Fed,” along with the IMF, and to that I would add World Bank – all sham and highly undemocratic money from nothing, self-anointed central banking criminals who have never received proper authorization from the people of the planet and in fact are operating against our rule of law as spelled out in our own Constitution! Absolutely, they are literally taking over countries and Bill correctly points out what they have done to both Italy and Greece – their game is to enslave with debt (which they did nothing to create), and then to take over direct control. Money creation is all about power and control.

Donald Trump running a debate? Are you kidding me? Until our nation is conscious enough to start voting for people like Bill Still, we are going nowhere fast. Go Bill, way to get the proper word out!

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