What, me worry?

Dave Killion — December 8, 2011

As a rule I am not given to discussing conspiracy theories, and I don’t do so for two reasons. The first is that I am concerned about being taken seriously, and I think that conspiracy theorist (rightly or wrongly) are simply dismissed by the majority. The second is that I am not much concerned about intent and motivation. Government is harmful even when, nay, especially when, it aims to due good. Conspiracies or no, the coercive state has got to go.


That aside, I think one should not be too hasty to reject a conspiracy theory. If you think that an organization as complex and incompetent as the state couldn’t pull of a clandestine plan, then remember that the owners of major league baseball teams secretly colluded for years to keep black players out. They could do it, and so could some government group. If you think that governments just don’t do that sort of thing, then you might never have heard of MKULTRA, Operation Mockingbird, Watergate, or the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment. And if you think that sort of thing just doesn’t happen anymore, Wired magazine gives you 9 reasons Wired readers should wear tinfoil hats

“We’re paranoid not because we have grandiose notions of our self-importance, but because the facts speak for themselves.

Here’s our short list of nine reasons that Wired readers ought to wear tinfoil hats, or at least, fight for their rights and consider ways to protect themselves with encryption and defensive digital technologies.”

No, I don’t like to talk about conspiracies. But I can’t help wondering.

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