In the best interest of your children

Dave Killion — December 11, 2011

At the Free New York blog, they are taking a look at The Delinquency Dilemma For Parents – What To Do When The Police Come Knocking –

“Parents who learn that their child has committed a criminal act can face a difficult choice when the police come knocking: whether to cooperate with law enforcement. In one respect, you must teach your child to respect the law and punish them for their behaviors. In another respect, you may not want the State dictating that punishment. It’s a struggle between protecting your family and upholding the law.”

My take on the matter is that the legal system is a powerful and potentially devastating institution populated by employees more incentivized to gather convictions than to seek justice. It is well known that many innocent people have been caged or murdered by the state, and that many more have been subjected to tremendous punishment for ‘crimes’ that have no victims. Given the resources government commands and the potential injustice to be dealt, I think that cooperation with the state will almost always be a bad idea.

Whatever one decides, the most important thing to remember is that no one should ever talk to the police or anyone else from the state legal system without the advice of council. Even if your child is guilty of a crime, there will always be time for them to confess later –

“It is vital to have an experienced attorney review the facts and guide you when making these decisions. Understanding the legal implications is vital to making decisions that may impact your child’s life well beyond their teenage years.”

The article is brief and worth reading in full, so please go take a look.

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