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Dave Killion — December 15, 2011

The Victoria Libertarian Book Club meets tonight, and we will wrap up our discussion of “The Driver”. I’ve said what little I have to say about this entertaining morsel, and I hope that it has inspired everyone to read more of Garrett’s work.

Part of the reason the club meets is to enhance, through reading and discussion, our understanding of libertarianism and the arguments in its favour. In order to be certain that we are standing on a firm intellectual foundation, it is important that we thoroughly comprehend the views of those opposed. In that spirit, the group has sought works that present a robust and thoughtful defence against our views. We have been greatly aided in this effort by the hard workers at, who provide lists of recommended reading, including an entire category for critics of liberty. It is from this list that the club has chosen “Contemporary Political Philosophy: An Introduction” –

“Kymlicka’s book contains an excellent—and highly critical—chapter on libertarianism, one that clearly presents several strong critiques of libertarian philosophy, particularly that of Robert Nozick. It also offers excellent overviews (of) the other major schools of modern political thought—utilitarianism, liberal egalitarianism, Marxism, communitarianism, citizenship theory, multiculturalism, and feminism. Each of these schools has something to offer the thinking libertarian seeking a better and more nuanced understanding of political philosophy.” 

I imagine this will be one of our most challenging readings, and I encourage all of you to get yourself a copy and read along with us. Comment here on the blog, or on our Facebook page!


David says

I didnt know the book was chosen for its critique of libertarianism. I am now looking forward to it even more.

— December 16, 2011

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