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Dave Killion — December 16, 2011

The world of politics, economics, philosophy, and advocacy can be terribly, terribly serious at times, and there come intervals during which one simply wants to watch pugs chase a balloon. For those moments, we rely on our friend Missy at Kyoot, etc., who has taken a break from posting videos of rhinos painting long enough to share this video and her comments on it –

No message should take nearly 7 minutes, but this one does make a good point. I find that my parents’ generation has a tendency to fear surveillance, but it’s not a tool that should only be used against us. There is power in surveillance and with a phone in nearly everyone’s pockets, we need to really start exercising this power. In 2009 we all laughed and chanted “You don’t bring a gun to a snowball fight” along with the crowd on our screen. We also nervously watched Twitter as Iranian university students updated us on the invasion of their dorms, as police came through the halls and one by one, the updates stopped. People need to start realizing this isn’t “just like in the movies”, it’s just like real life. Don’t let your grandma tell you it never happened when she was a little girl because it did and no one had the power to tell the world and if we don’t start doing it then we’ll be just as ignorant when we grow old.

Recently I came across this app available for iPhone and Android phones –

OpenWatch is a participatory citizen media project which uses mobile technology to enable public monitoring of authority figures” (from the site). It not only allows you to secretly audio or video record, but it will also automatically upload that video to their website where it will be edited to for identification concerns and then anonymously uploaded. This means if you get caught and someone thinks stomping your phone will fix the problem, wrong! Too late! Anyways, just watch the video, it’s all on there!”


Missy says


— December 16, 2011

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