Crossing the thin blue line

Dave Killion — December 24, 2011

Doug Smith, an investigative journalist from Fox 13 in Tampa, Florida, reports that an Ohio man was stripped, masked, restrained, and pepper-sprayed by Lee County police until he died

“The District 21 Medical Examiner ruled his death was a homicide because he had been restrained and sprayed with pepper sprayed by law enforcement officers. But to this day, nobody has ever been charged with a crime, and the Lee County State Attorney cleared the sheriff’s office of any wrong doing.”

The jury is, almost literally, still out on this, but I have read of so many similar incidents that whenever there is any question as to whether or not the police have committed an injustice I can no longer give them the benefit of the doubt.  Policing should be one of our most honoured and honourable professions, but so long as the constabulary answers directly to the state rather than the citizen, performance and respectability will continue to decline.

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