2011 Highlights

Dave Killion — December 31, 2011

Our most read post – Quantitative Consequences by Antony Zegers

Most commented upon – Pee-ew! by Dave Killion

Best Comment (as picked by me) – Ashley Johnston commenting on Where Do You Draw the Line? :

While I would not encourage vindictiveness, I am a fan of finding common ground, but this should not be confused with compromise.

At the Porcupine Freedom Festival, during one of the discussions about the usefulness of politics, somebody made the point that while he might vote to ‘free half the slaves’ you wouldn’t find him holding a sign campaigning to ‘free half the slaves’. I take this to mean vote for what you agree with, but campaign for what you believe in.

That is to say I will campaign with liberals to end the death penalty and war; I will vote for medical marijuana and tax credits for seniors, but I will not campaign to legalize half the drugs, or free half the tax slaves.” (emphasis mine)

Thank you all for your attention and your input this year. Please keep coming back, and please don’t hesitate to comment on and pass along our posts. This blog is an opportunity for you and for us to be more than just spectators, so let’s make the most of it!


Missy says

I’m going to have to disagree with you here Dave. I really think my boyscout comment was the best.

— January 1, 2012

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