the Charlottetown Libertarian Book Club

Dave Killion — January 2, 2012

It is my great pleasure to announce the creation of the Charlottetown Libertarian Book Club. Too often, libertarians struggle in isolation, but now the libertarians of Prince Edward Island have a forum in which they will be able to come together to discuss readings, current events, and topics of interest. My thanks go out to Ashley ‘Subsidiarity’ ┬áJohnston (of the redoubtable Liberty PEI blog), who has agreed to throw his support behind us in this endeavor.

I have been inspired to create this new group by the success of our second club –the Vancouver Libertarian Book Club – and look forward to the day when every major city and region in Canada has a similar organization. Data from this blog indicate that we may have enough followers in Duncan and the Cowichan Valley, BC to support a group there. If you are one of those followers and would like to see this come about, please contact me.


David says

Nice work Dave!

— January 2, 2012

G says

We need a link on the front :)

— January 3, 2012

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