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Dave Killion — January 4, 2012

Provided you pledge to read it, a copy of Atlas Shrugged, The Fountainhead, or any other Ayn Rand book can be yours, free for the asking. Courtesy of Free Objectivist Books

“This site gets donors to send Objectivist books (books by Ayn Rand or about her philosophy of Objectivism) to students who would like to read them. Our goal is to get more students reading Ayn Rand.”

“Students create a simple public profile with their name and school, and say what book they want to read. Donors browse a list of students and choose which ones they want to send books to. The donors send the books to the students directly.”

Already read Rand? Then go sign up to be a donor, and help save some poor student from the indignity of becoming a progressive or a neo-con.

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