Disturbing the peace

Dave Killion — January 6, 2012

If having overdue library books rates a friendly reminder in the form of a visit from a police sergeant, what kind of government reaction do you suppose you will provoke handling an anti-theft device in your car? Well, there’s no need to guess

“Andrew Lyons had stepped out of his parents’ home on Harrow Street on Dec. 17, around 4 p.m., to secure his truck with an anti-theft device. The next thing he remembers, several police units were surrounding his parents’ house, and he ended up in handcuffs in the back of a cruiser.”

One would think the perpetrators of such an overreaction would be embarrassed. One would be mistaken –

“The Winnipeg Police Service said when it comes to any sort of gun call, the safety of officers comes first. That’s why so many units responded.”

And apparently, safety of citizens comes second. That’s why so many loaded weapons were pointed at a law-abiding family. Look, since owning firearms is both legal and popular in Canada, the police are likely surrounded by armed residents anytime they enter a neighbourhood, so let me go out on a limb and suggest the current policy be reconsidered. Furthermore,¬†as I have pointed out before, there is nothing that¬†bars a person from physically transporting an unloaded, non-restricted firearm on foot. So settle down, officers, and quit being a public nuisance!

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