Good doggies

Dave Killion — January 10, 2012

A Facebook friend had this posted on his wall, and although I haven’t seen it anywhere unless I went looking for it, I understand it has gone viral and has garnered the subject a great deal of attention. The lady in the photo maintains her blog┬áhere.

It seems this woman has no idea that government intervention raises the costs and delays the availability of drugs needed for our cures and comforts. It appears she does not know that licensing regulations have driven the costs of health care providers to astronomical levels while simultaneously decreasing their availability. It looks like she is unaware that regulation of the insurance industry has protected providers from the competitive market forces that would have lowered prices to the point where she would have found insurance worth buying. All she knows is that she didn’t have to trouble her friends, family, and community for help, because the President of the United States forces strangers to sacrifice some of themselves on her behalf.

Truly, we are like dogs cringing in fear as our masters cage us, leash us, beat and starve us. And like dogs, when our overlords throw us the smallest morsel, we wag our tails and lick their feet in love and gratitude.

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