The Burden of Knowledge

Antony — January 23, 2012

As a lover of liberty, it is often frustrating to live in a world that seems to be slowly slipping toward tyranny. Witnessing the enthusiasm with which the masses embrace each new fetter on their freedom, cheering and welcoming the tools of their subjugation. It is frustrating to understand the problems we face, and to see people pressing for actions that will make these problems worse. The same clueless elites that created the crises are bailed out and remain in power. It feels like trying to maintain sanity in a world going mad.

A recent post, entitled “Is Ignorance Bliss?“, at Bob Wenzel’s excellent Economic Policy Journal, addresses these concerns, and discusses the different approaches one can take. These options range from withdrawing into apathy, trying to change to world, or taking joy in the intellectual battle without worrying about the outcome. It is interesting to consider these approaches, and how they apply to one’s own life. Another inspiring message can be found in Leonard Reid’s speech “How to Advance Liberty”:

Whether these ideas help or not, if you are a lover of liberty and feel frustrated at times, it is at least nice to know that there are others with similar struggles.


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