Lack of incentive

Dave Killion — January 26, 2012


Once again the state has shown that it cannot be depended on to steward the environment –

“A Dallas drone hobbyist was flying his rig around one bright Texan afternoon, scouting the skies, when he hovered across something perturbing: an enormous, oozing river of blood behind a meatpacking plant… emptying into the Trinity River.”

This is what you can expect when government is supposed to safeguard something from which it derives no profit – carelessness. If the waterways in question had been in private hands, it is almost certain they would have been monitored much more vigourously. Fortunately, the market has made private ownership of drones possible for the home hobbyist, and as a result a single citizen manages to accomplish by accident what a raft of bureaucrats did not achieve even when they allegedly try.

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