Disarmament Increases Dangers

Dave Killion — January 28, 2012

Here’s a letter to The Toronto Sun

After reading your story “Charges laid after man stabbed for picking up garbage” (Jan 25), many of us ask ourselves: who would have thought that asking a fellow Canadian not to litter would result in getting a knife in the chest?
The answer: obviously not the victim, who like too many others believed we live in a civilized society where disagreements with strangers don’t lead to life-threatening assaults.
The perpetrator, of course, knew perfectly well that Canadian regulations have disarmed decent citizens, and that although he might get caught, he would not be shot. Being free from that restraint has opened up a whole world of violent possibilities he would not have entertained before.
The consequences of this incident extend far beyond the damage done to the victim. Canadians who witness crimes must now consider that if a person who confronts a litter bug can end up bleeding to death on a cold sidewalk, what might happen to them should they attempt to intervene in a rape, attempted murder, or other assault? Since the government has deprived us of our right to carry firearms, the conclusion may be that it is best to just walk on.


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