Well, He DID Learn a Lesson…

Dave Killion — January 31, 2012

His fellow teachers found nothing wrong with his conduct.

A student in Oklahoma used a cell-phone to take a photo of a substitute teacher sleeping on the job. Justice was swift –

The student was later suspended…

… officials said, “A student may possess a telecommunication device while on school premises, but the use of a telecommunication device is not permitted during the school day.

Presumably, everything would have been just hunky-dory if the picture had been taken with a camera. So really, the rule is meant to say that a telecommunication device may not be used for telecommunicating during the day. But then, that would make it harder to punish children for collecting evidence of their parents’ tax dollars being slept away. So remember, kids: the next time you gather proof of bad behaviour on the part of one of your public-sector overlords, be sure to leak it anonymously.

Via Reason.Com


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