Hurting Us For Our Own Good?

Dave Killion — February 5, 2012

This will 'help' more if you don't struggle.

Victoria’s MP Denise Savoie (NDP) befuddles me in her Winter 2012 Community Newsletter (no link available), in which she asks “Is our government placing corporate profits ahead of Canadians’ health? –

We know that BPA leaches into foods, such as tomato soup from BPA in the lining of tin cans, meaning that breastfed babies and fetuses are still at risk from exposures through nursing mothers and pregnant women.

Those with the financial resources can choose products labeled “BPA-free” but Canadians need a system that protects everyone.

So, as it stands, people who lack the resources to purchase “BPA-free” products still have less expensive options from which to choose. Savoie and her fellow NDPers wish to “protect” these people by depriving them of that option, thereby forcing them to either spend their limited resources on the more expensive option or do without entirely. Are we to believe they don’t realize this?


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