Libertarian Parenting

Dave Killion — February 7, 2012

I was reviewing some of my notes recently, and was reminded of a meeting the Victoria LBC¬†held some time ago, during which we discussed libertarian parenting. I have not seen much written on this topic, but I only came to libertarianism about 5-6 years ago, so there are tons of material with which I’m not familiar. It may be that there is something substantial I have not come across yet, but it appears to me there are some very tough questions concerning the rights and responsibilities of parents and children which libertarianism may not answer sufficiently.

That aside, I have noted that having a libertarian father had a definite effect on the way my sons approached their schooling. Each of them developed a keener interest in history, law, economics, civics, and social studies. Both of them delighted in challenging their teachers, and derived great satisfaction from going toe-to-toe not only with the teachers, but sometimes the bulk of the class. And it was very rare that I would ask what had been learned in school that day only to be told “nothing…” In fact, on more than one occasion my work phone would ring with a call from one or the other of them eager to give me an account of the terrific debate they had just had. Rather than being upset at being challenged, the teachers seemed invigorated at having someone who could bring a little excitement to classes that are often dreary. So there was that.

Not having many personal acquaintances who are libertarian (and parents, to boot), I would love to hear from any readers who have experience to share on this topic. Don’t be shy!

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