Saving Them to Death

Dave Killion — February 13, 2012

Hey, you on the left... what's so funny?

In keeping with my interest in all things rhino, let me share with you yet another example of prevailing conservation ideals gone horribly, horribly wrong

A conservation group demonstrating an anti-poaching method for reporters in South Africa accidentally killed the rhinoceros they were using in the demonstration.

The rhino, nicknamed Spencer, went into convulsions and died after he was shot with a tranquilizer dart in front of a crush of TV cameras and photographers who had been invited to document an operation to insert a poison capsule into his horn.”

This articles raises two questions for me. First, if the rhino’s nickname is Spencer, what is his actual name? And second, why don’t more conservationists recognize that their preferred policies are exacerbating difficulties, rather than providing solutions? Well, we may never know the answer to the first question, but another quote in the article suggests that ‘a stunning lack of personal responsibility’ could be the answer to the second –

 “It’s sad for us; it’s the loss of another animal,” Hern said, referring to the rhino’s death. “It’s a death that I still chalk up to poaching.”



Missy says

Who the heck still buys ivory? And baby seal coats? You never see them around!

— February 14, 2012

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